25 thoughts on “Trademark and Copyright in Canada

  1. very helpful video.nice presentation about Trademark and Copyright.I got
    lot of things watching this video.thanks for sharing.

  2. thats a very good video with a lot of quality information that everyone
    should know about..keep up the good work and hope to see more like this…

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  4. I wonder. People create information/content/stuff. That
    information/content/thing in its essence is made to be used by other humans
    but copyright restricts the free use. If you restrict your content to a
    specific group of that kind, why do you even consider creating something
    designed to be used by that group of organisms at all limiting innovation?
    Are you getting protected against alien pirates?

  5. The information provided in this video is so informative. To protect the
    Intellectual Property of a Business, the Canadian Trademarks have a great
    help. It’s an educative too.

  6. Trade and Copyright in Canada is so strict. In my country, Vietnam, people
    usually never mind about it.

  7. This has been a very significant video Describing the Importance of
    Trademark and Copyright indeed ! One can acquire lot of information on how
    Trade Mark protects the intellectual property of an individual, business
    organization . Surely we can get valuable Tips to protect the Intellectual
    Property of a Business and also Creates good identity in the marketplace !
    Just, it’s really awesome information on here !

  8. This video presents “Trademark and Copyright in Canada” in a clearly
    explained, well-organized way that anyone can learn.

  9. I watched it till the end, and I found this video very helpful and
    informational. I’ve learned a lot honestly..

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