25 thoughts on “YouTube CopyRight Tutorial for Musicians (Covers, Content I.D., Partners, ITunes, and More!)

  1. Hey Ely! Thanks for all these videos, really cool that you share it with
    all of us. So I’ve been seeing this button for “if this is a cover, you may
    be able to monetize” and when I check that button and attempt to monetize i
    get back a message saying that I have to prove I own the rights to the
    song. Thing is I never said I did, so you know what is going on there?
    Thanks a lot P.S I do my own voice, and acoustic guitar and do only recent
    songs so not sure whats up. Thanks again

  2. Why not use the song from the 50’s?
    I’m singer and want start uploading song cover on Youtube, I would to post
    my cover of older song mostly 60’s and 70’s from mostly less known artist,
    do have any tips for me

  3. Hey, im really confused about monetizing piano tutorials of popular songs.
    Nowadays i can see that cover version can be monetized as i see the symbol
    “If this is a cover, you may be able to monetize option” and have checked
    that option for cover videos.

    But what about piano tutorials of songs. Can those be considered as
    “covers” and monetized?

  4. I’m actually doing another video on this! Probably many more… hopefully
    tomorrow it will be up!!

  5. I answer that question in full detail in a new video I just did on that
    exact topic, it’s on my channel called – “Musician Success on Youtube Ep. 1
    – “How To Make Money on COVERS!!!” (by Ely Jaffe)” – Check it out!

  6. so i did a piano cover of a song that i worked out by ear, (a whole new
    world) i put it on itunes, am i breaching copyright?

  7. Thx but my friend did it and had no prob? and please could you please teach
    me or tell me how to ask permission from the owner? and how to submit it to

  8. Just watched it. Great vid, but a lot of people I have seen will monetize
    guitar covers with the original track and reference to a statement that
    says its for educational purposes. Is that legitimate or do I need that
    license you were talking about?

  9. You said that you can’t monetize cover videos, but I always see people like
    Tyler Ward and Kurt Schneider monetize their cover videos and they’re
    making lots of money because of it. How do they get to monetize their
    videos? cause I’ve been trying to monetize mine.

  10. Hey, I have a question. I noticed an option to disable adds on my videos.
    There was a mention that this would also disable any monetizing options for
    my videos when I do this. Well if my videos are not getting enough views to
    really make any money is there any real reason I might want to enable adds
    right now? Say I start getting more views and have my adds still disabled
    would that prevent youtube from even offering me a chance to monetize any
    of my videos?

  11. Many years of hard work, and consistent high quality videos that i pay a
    lot of money to make…. it’s a lot fo work honestly! But worth it 🙂

  12. i make covers and im hoping to get partnership in the future.. I remade the
    drum track on a drum synthesizer, I do my own bass/guitar/vocals.. am I
    safe? or will I run into trouble concerning copyright and stuff?

  13. 1) consistency 2) hard hard hard work 3) make the best quality videos I can
    That’s… about it, the rest is details 🙂

  14. Please Please Please do another video like this..You are SO insightful! I
    wish there were more people on YouTube that are insightful as you. Most
    videos that I have come across that include tutorials for musicians, and to
    be successful with music or anything on YouTube are just people “trying to
    be funny” etc..You are A BOSS! Please make a another video like this..You
    are the bomb! LOVE your channel..#Subscribed, I couldn’t resist. haha Check
    out my channel too!

  15. Was wondering, can I get a content ID on my channel if I have both
    coversong (my own arrangements) AND my own originals. As I wrote earlier, I
    want to avoid people stealing my stuff 🙁 Can’t find a answer to this
    anywhere. Or do I have to own everything on my channel to get the ID?

  16. Hi Efy, thanks. OK that makes a lot of sense. Too bad Youtube are so strict
    about covers though. I’ll stay tuned for a new video of yours about it.

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