10 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Intellectual Property Rights? Patents, Trademarks and Copyright.

  1. Jennifer, there are some that say copyright is dead in this age of the
    Internet, downloads and free content. Chris Anderson, author of The Long
    Tail, for one. Is there any value in trying to protect your “content”
    online? Interested in other people’s take on this.

  2. I met an engineer once and we picked each other’s brains. (Without giving
    away details) He told me to seek help from a college of black engineers. I
    told him I’m white though, he told me it didn’t matter. I felt like he knew
    the owner or something, closest I came to doing anything with my
    inventions. I’m sure everyone says this but, I know I can change the world
    for the better.

  3. I’ve been holding onto 3 sure-fire billion dollar idea’s for a while now, I
    guess I’ve been too afraid of losing these to anyone, all three came to me
    in separate dreams over the past 3 years. One involves an instrument,
    another involves an animal, the third is a self perpetuating infinite
    source of energy involving a plant. I’m at the point where I’m ready to
    risk it. Even if I could make 10% of any of my inventions I’m certain I
    could live well and make the planet better.

  4. WRONG!!!!! all they have to do is file a patent invalidity suit against
    you. Patent lawsuits are THE most expensive to deal with. In todays corrupt
    legal system, it all comes down to who has the most money to spend on

  5. The WORST mistake inventors can make is to get a patent. Any larger company
    that wants your technology simply files a “patent invalidity” lawsuit
    against YOU. You either spend hundreds of thousands defending yourself, or
    you settle by paying THEM and handing over your rights, or you end up with
    a default judgement which still means you lose. People dump their life into
    something only to have large corporations take everything and leech lawyers
    bankrupt them.

  6. I’m thinking of a new song. “I think I (blank) you, but what am I so afraid
    of?” I am not yet sure what to put in place of the word “blank.”

  7. There is no such thing as intellectual property. And Rights don’t come from
    the state, only privileges do.

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