2 thoughts on “Lawrence Lessig Keynote to WIPO Copyright Conference

  1. “the existing system of copyright could never work in the digital
    architecture of the internet…
    either it will force people to stop creating or it will force a revolution”

    #copyright #copyrightinfringement #creativecommons #lawrencelessig
    #direitosdeautor #pl118 #pl246 #copiaprivada 

  2. Interesting talk. I’m a “copyright abolitionist” myself and of course the
    video didn’t make my change my change since it was evidently not its
    purpose, but I find it reassuring to see that there are people in the other
    camp who recognize the problem of copyright in the digital world and who
    are actively trying to come up with a good compromise. I will keep an open
    mind in case you find a solution that makes more sense than abolition, but
    until then I will keep promoting it. Thanks again.

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