25 thoughts on “Richard Stallman at UofC

  1. hold on… hold on….. let me completely make something up… make up
    standards…. and ,,, completely bullshit my way through and around those
    standards… how about the absolutely nothing license where everyone says
    absolutely nothing and the license itself says absolutely nothing… does
    that solve every licenses problems?

  2. I try to use as much free software as I can. Sometimes I fall short, how I
    fall short.
    Awesome talk. We so need people like Stallman to continually remind us how
    things are supposed to be and not let the powerful convince us that the way
    things are are how they should be. 

  3. It seems someone heavily edited this video (albeit just to remove Richard’s
    pauses) but it makes it hard to follow at times

  4. There are constant complaints about the editing. All the raw footage
    including decent audio (as a camera audio track) is available at Internet
    Archive. As I note in the description. With a direct link.

    To resolve this issue upload an unedited copy to YouTube. That takes more
    effort than simply complaining about it, but you can do it! Be a hero!

  5. While I generally agree with Mr. Stallman, I don’t agree with his view on
    physical objects freedom 2 and 3 not generally applying. A manufactured
    object is generally unchangeable in the same way as a compiled (binary)
    program (that is: it’s very much more difficult), which means that the
    design/schematics/plans of a physical object in more ways than not, are
    analogous to the source-code of a program, therefore, OpenSource hardware
    makes sense just the same as software.

  6. It took me a while to get his joke about attacking a ship at 52:54. I
    guess I’m not the only one, because only one person in the audience
    laughed. hahaha

  7. This is one of the most important lectures on “free software’ as an
    alternate to proprietary and copyrighted software there is. He is a rare
    and fearless champion of individual liberty and freedom of association
    especially as it applies to the modern world. He is neither an enemy of
    capitalism or socialist anarchism. He is a foe of corporate
    mega-Capitalism which seeks to control us and he is a fierce foe of
    socialist totalitarianism which pretends to provide for everyone, but, like
    mega-Capitalism, is dedicated to unlimited exansion and acquisition without
    retstraint. What he says is that no one can own the laws of nature, the
    course of nature and the human mind and its products. “Intellectual
    Property” is a fallacious concept and dishonest from the beginning.

  8. Please see all of this. It is one of the most important lectures on ethics
    you likley ever see. It is about your own personal liberty and the liberty
    of your loved ones.

  9. OSS helped me to understand programming by studying the source code

    Richard Stallman lecturing about copyright end Open Source software.

  10. What did hackers like you do to MY freedom????????? Well, you hackers came
    in through MY back door. Windows’ firewall is a joke! I’m switching over
    to Limux. Yes, run the program as you wish: HACK others. The devlopers
    have the RIGHT to be in control. If you HACKERS don’t like it, then develop
    software of your OWN. Duh…

  11. Does anybody know whether a phone running AOSP (not a modified propiertary
    version), which is also controlled by 3rd parties releasing free and open
    sw (e.g. Cyanogenmod) still breaks Stallman’s Free Software definition
    (e.g. Richard Stallman at UofC )?

  12. Still,most people will chose an android phone/tablet/etc because it is
    cheaper, convenient.They have no clue whatsoever about the underlying
    software and the freedom it provides,and will happily dump it for a system
    riddled with locks should they find a cheap or more convenient one. The
    biggest challenge of the free software movement is not the distribution and
    use of free software anymore, but education and overturning the laws which
    could still be used in the future to take our freedoms away.

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