25 thoughts on “VLOG – Dec 2013 – THE FUTURE OF THIS CHANNEL (Copyright, WoD beta, MOCK GAMING)

  1. This channel will now only cover “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.
    I will release each video in a $5 dlc, each one will be buggy and posting
    in the comment box will be limited to 3 characters + you can’t post unless
    you subscribe.

  2. If i get a beta key, you can have it. I don’t really want to play beta. Too
    lazy hehe

  3. he’s talking about how bad is getting sick, i was sick too, he is clearly
    violating my copyrights,i’m so flagging this video

  4. Thanks for all the great WoW videos. I’ll be sorry to see them go, for the
    time being. Good luck with your new content. I’m not into HS, but I’ll give
    them a go.

  5. DD should try to get into Ride to Hell : Retribution , you will definitely
    have a nice ride to hell in that game, literally ;D

  6. That damn cough, I’ve been stuck with it for a week now. It’s really
    annoying, and it sucks to make video’s while coughing.

  7. Awesome video DD! Got here from the tweet and it’s nice to come to the
    video very early. Twitter is really helping that way and loved the video!

  8. I feel your pain, DD. I too wish to love Zelda but cannot get into those
    games, no matter how many times I try.

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